Mission Statement

It is our intent here at Glenfordrocks to create an inviting space for people who wish to come and enjoy nature.  This would include relaxing in our settings of outdoor furniture as well as wandering the grounds and experiencing the views and vistas.


Because of our strong connection and belief in the healing power of nature we would like to enlighten others about the many benefits of connecting with nature including better spiritual, physical and emotional well being. There is a theory called biophilia which is the theory that man has an innate need to connect with nature according to E.O. Wilson.  There is a new trend in architecture towards ‘biophilic design’ as it has been proven to improve a person’s well being to feel connected to the natural world.  In addition to this goal we would also like to promote aesthetic expression in art and design with emphasis on green design. We would also like to promote recycling, eco-friendly materials, clean water and alternative energy.

After experiencing Glenfordrocks we would hope that people would leave feeling more relaxed, connected with nature, feel more at peace within themselves which is carried out into the world and can be passed on. There is hope for a better more peaceful world if we can find our way back to nature and realize how we are all connected and we all have the same needs to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.



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