About US

After purchasing the 12 acres of what we call Glenfordrocks we came up with  the idea to create a quarry museum as this was a former bluestone quarry. We have a  keen interest in  history, wanted to learn more about the bluestone industry and share it with others.


This area including West Hurley and Glenford located in Ulster County had some of the largest bluestone quarries which produced vast quantities of  stone used to build sidewalks  for cities like New York.


From having visited sculpture parks and locations like Opus 40 has  given us the  inspiration to create a public space where people could come and  enjoy the views and vista’s seen from the earthworks at Glenfordrocks. As we spent time working on the property we realized that it also has potential to become an open space and sculpture park.


Glenfordrocks at this time is a work in progress and we hope to achieve these goals.


Since we have a very strong interest in art and design we have created a unique array of functional stone furniture and sculptural installations.


We continue to have many new innovative ideas for products and designs as we  look  forward into the future.